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At any age, at any stage of your life, Diversified can help you reach retirement your goals. Not just by providing you good information, but by helping you make good decisions.
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All Children's Health System, Inc. 403(b) Savings Plan

As part of our commitment to your retirement planning future, we have created this site to provide you with the latest information regarding your retirement plan benefits and transition to Diversified Investment Advisors.

Latest News & Information:

Enrollment/Education meetings begin October 29, 2007 in the Cafeteria Conference Room. Donít miss out on the opportunity to meet with a Diversified Plan Representative to discuss your retirement investment strategy.

Have questions? You can contact Diversified via e-mail by clicking the Contact Us link above, or, if you prefer, you can dial 1-888-676-5512 to speak to a Diversified Customer Service Representative.

Representatives are available from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM (ET).

Conversion Information

  Enrollment Meeting Schedule
Find out when and where your next retirement plan education meeting will take place. Dates, times and locations are provided.

This section contains your new retirement plan investment options. See how your current investment options will be invested and/or transferred to Diversified Investment Advisors.


  Employee Announcement Letter
This letter provides you with important information regarding changes to the retirement program.

Retirement Plan Investments

   Fund Characteristics
These documents provide a description of each investment available in your retirement program including:
  • General description of the fund’s investment objectives,
  • Risk and return characteristics,
  • The fund’s investment manager(s),
  • Assets and underlying investments that make up the fund.

  Fund Performance
View past performance of the funds being offered in the new retirement plan.

  Investment Mix Sheet
This section provides you with sample investment mixes to help you create or fine tune your investment strategy based on your current age and time to retirement.



Resource Header
Now more than ever, knowledge is the difference between financial success and failure. Diversified Investment Advisors will provide you with articles, videos and newsletters to assist you with retirement planning and investing.

Learn More - click here for additional information including videos and worksheets.

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