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If you have more than one retirement account with Diversified, you'll have the convenience of e-documents for all accounts. Each time account statements or investment materials are ready, we will send an email alert to the address you provided.
Check the boxes below to subscribe to e-documents and uncheck to unsubscribe. Click "Update".

To update your e-mail address go to the Manage Profile tab and click on "Change Personal Information".

Statements and personalized reports

Investment materials including prospectuses, supplements,
annual and semi-annual financial reports

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Consent to Electronic Delivery

By clicking "Submit" or "Agree", you (the "Subscriber") agree to subscribe to Diversified' e-Document Service (the "Service"). By subscribing to the Service, you:

1) Consent to the electronic delivery of the account documents and notices you have selected in lieu of receiving paper account document(s);
2) Agree to the terms of the Service set forth herein;
3) Acknowledge that you have read and understood the disclosure information set forth herein;
4) Represent that the information provided in order to subscribe to the Service is accurate and complete;
5) Certify that you are the holder/owner of the account(s) for which you are subscribing to the Service and that you are an authorized subscriber of the Service; and
6) Understand that this subscription is for all accounts selected unless you choose to cancel your subscription.

Content of Electronic Documents

Diversified currently makes available electronic delivery of the following types of documents: (1) account statements and accompanying notices, and (2) investment materials (including prospectuses, supplements, annual and semi-annual financial reports).

Account Statements. Your account statement contains very important information about your account. In addition to reflecting your account balance, your account statement reflects any activity that occurred during the preceding period, including the amount of contributions or deposits made to your account and how they were invested, exchanges between investment options, distributions or redemptions from the account, gains and/or losses, share/unit values and their quantity in your account, other investment- or transaction-related information, as well as the key terms and conditions governing your account.

Your account statement may also be accompanied by certain account-related notices and regulatory information ("Compliance Materials"). Compliance Materials also contain very important information about your account or retirement savings plan. Compliance Materials include such items as Summary Annual Report (SAR), Summary of Material Modification (SMM), Safe Harbor Notice, Privacy Notice and other notification materials required by law or regulation. Your account statement and Compliance Materials should be read and retained for future reference.

Investment Materials. Investment materials include prospectuses, supplements, annual, and semi-annual financial reports related to the investment options available within your retirement plan. These documents contain important information about the investment options, including the investment objectives, risks, charges, and other expenses of the investment options. You should read this information and consider all such information carefully when making your investment choices.

How e-Documents Work

Prior to subscribing for the Service, you must provide an e-mail address where Diversified can notify you that your electronic account document is available for access (unless you want Diversified to use the e-mail address, if any, that is already on file). Initially, after you subscribe for the Service, Diversified will send you an e-mail to confirm that you provided the correct e-mail address. If we are not able to confirm an e-mail address or have reasonable suspicion that an e-mail address is incorrect, we will not be able to activate your subscription to the Service, in which case you will continue to receive hardcopy documents. When your electronic account document(s) is ready, Diversified will send you an e-mail notification for your account document(s) with a link you can use to access Diversified' secure website (Diversified Direct). After you log into Diversified, you will find your account statement(s) as well as any Compliance Materials by clicking on "Account History." Diversified will maintain your current account statement(s) as well as the previous five account statements. You will be able to view and print your documents either in HTML (regular Web hypertext) or PDF format (if your computer has a browser that is able to view and print dynamically-generated PDF), or save them by storing the link on your computer or by downloading and saving the documents in either HTML or PDF format. In order to generate the PDF version, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. Diversified will not send you a paper copy of an applicable document unless you exercise your right to ask for a paper copy, in which case Diversified will mail you a copy inside an envelope to your home address. If you anticipate requesting a paper copy frequently or are not sure if you will be able to maintain an e-mail account or an internet service provider, you should seriously consider whether electronic documents or paper documents are best for you.

Security and other Precautions

Your electronic documents will be maintained within Diversified' password-protected secure Website (Diversified Direct). For security information regarding Diversified Direct, please review the Security Information page found in Diversified Direct homepage. You should also review the Internet Privacy Policy, which discusses Diversified' privacy practices with respect to divinvest.com. Please note that the e-mail notifications that will be sent to you in order to inform you that your electronic statement is ready are not secure; however, such e-mail notifications will not include any private information about your account such as your social security number or account number. You should exercise due care in providing Diversified with the e-mail address for receiving e-mail notifications. If you elect to provide a work e-mail address, your employer or other employees may have access to your e-mail. You have the ability to change your e-mail address used by the Service. You can change your e-mail address for the Service by logging into DDOL on the Website and selecting "Manage Profile", from where you can change your e-mail address. (You can also call the Customer Contact Center.) Following your change of e-mail address, Diversified will send an e-mail to your new e-mail address to confirm the change. If an e-mail address becomes undeliverable, for whatever reason, during the course of your subscription to the Service, we will commence sending you required paper documents in lieu of electronic documents. Of course, you have the opportunity to supply your new email address and resume the Service at any time. To avoid loss of Service, it is your responsibility to provide Diversified with a new e-mail address in the event you change your e-mail address.

Your Right to Request a Paper Copy or to Unsubscribe

While you are subscribed to the Service, you have the right to request a paper copy of any electronic document. You may make a request by calling the Customer Contact Center at 800-755-5801. There is no additional cost for making such request. Following your request, Diversified will mail a paper copy of the requested document to your home address. You also have the right to unsubscribe from the Service at any time with respect to future documents by logging on Diversified Direct and changing your e-Document preferences. After you unsubscribe, Diversified will resume sending you your paper documents by mail. If you prefer not to subscribe to the Service and continue to receive paper document(s) alone, simply click "Cancel."

Diversified Direct Terms and Guidelines

Diversified's e-Document Service is a part of Diversified Direct, and the Terms and Disclosures of the Service are supplemental to the Terms and Guidelines of Diversified Direct.

Dated: June 1, 2009

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