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About Diversified

Funds for long-term investors

The Transamerica Partners funds are a unique offering of institutional , providing fiduciaries with a seamless array of investments across all asset classes. These funds are designed for long-term investors, particularly those saving for retirement. Using a "manager-of-managers" approach, Transamerica Asset Management hires one or more sub-advisors for each fund, giving clients access to highly regarded investment specialists.

Disciplined selection process...

Before being selected, each sub-advisor is subjected to a rigorous and disciplined investment process that includes numerous quantitative and qualitative screens. Among other things, in-house investment analysts evaluate performance across different market environments, taking into consideration the level of risk taken to achieve those results, and look for style-consistent strategies appropriate for the given investment mandate. Transamerica Asset Management also analyzes each firm behind the fund, examining management history and tenure, along with the breadth and depth of talent dedicated to a given product.

...and on-going Monitoring

Equally important, the disciplined analysis doesn't end once a sub-advisor is hired. Analysts monitor portfolio performance continuously, ever mindful of style drift and excessive risk taking that can undermine a fund's overall investment objective. In addition, the analysts keep abreast of changes at each sub-advisory organization. Any concern raises a red flag and subjects a sub-advisor to even greater scrutiny. If a sub-advisory replacement is warranted, Transamerica Asset Management works behind the scenes to make the necessary changes.

Investment Funds

Wall Street

From money market to international equity funds, Diversified Investment Advisors lives up to its name by offering in every asset class to help satisfy any investment objective.


Everything about the process is designed to take both the guesswork — and the legwork — out of the investment management process for our clients.


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