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Welcome to Transamerica Retirement Solutions and your online resource for details about your retirement plan. We're a nationally recognized leader with more than 75 years' experience managing retirement plans for employers like Essentia Health. Our singular goal is to help you meet your goals—both to and throughout retirement—with automated tools, solutions, and services that evolve to meet your changing needs.

Introducing Transamerica Voice Pass

Transamerica has developed a voice-recognition system called Voice Pass. In a few easy steps, Voice Pass can provide security and convenience when accessing your Essentia Health Retirement Plan account. It will identify you based on a stored voiceprint, which is as unique as your fingerprint. There's a short set-up process to get started. Once set up, all you'll need to do when you call in is repeat the phrase: “At Transamerica, my voice is my password” to access your account. You won't have to remember passwords or (in most cases) provide additional information when you call our Customer Care team.

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Welcome to KnowledgePlace!

We want to keep you informed about the latest research and discoveries that affect your security and happiness in the future. To better understand the vital relationship between physical and financial health, we’ve partnered with experts in medicine and technology. With this knowledge, we can provide the tools you need to start developing better habits.

We’ve created a site called KnowledgePlace, where you’ll find vital and timely articles concerning financial and physical wellness, and the extensive links in between. You can also join the KnowledgePlace Community to be a part of discussions concerning saving, fitness, nutrition, wellness and prevention.

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Retirement Readiness

Are you getting closer to retirement and want to make sure that you'll be retirement-ready? Transamerica can help! Watch this short video to learn more.

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